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Keith Larman
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Re: why do people search outside Aikido for IS?

Murray McPherson wrote: View Post
Mr. Larman,

I wanted to thank you for (appropriately) referencing Wittgenstein the other day, but this one deserves especially strong kudos. So mad props to you, sir. I'm just not sure if you're channeling Douglas Adams or the regressive epistemology of the Münchhausen Trilemma. Either way, the resistance on both sides of this issue does make me wonder if folks sincerely believe it to be turtles all the way down...

Murray McPherson
Hey, at least someone gets some of my obscure references and influences. I'll point out this thread to my mom -- she still hasn't forgiven me for going to a very expensive liberal arts college for degrees in philosophy and religious studies. With a minor in political science (and even there I screwed up -- much of my emphasis was on the Soviet Political system -- Who, you say? Yup. Oops).

On a serious note it does go back to a that point often made by Wittgenstein as well as the rather extreme position taken if you're a fan of the Münchhausen Trilemma and the impossibility of any knowledge. Well, maybe better certain, non-trivial knowledge. Until we have a better physical understanding of what's going on it is bloody near impossible to have a reasoned discussion on a forum when the participants have very different models of what each word being used means.

Eventually it ends up sounding like this great kid -- one of my favorite 17 seconds of video *EVER*.

Most of the time when discussions get to this point that's exactly what I find my mind doing... The little homunculus in my head starts wandering about verdant imagined fields, enjoying the breeze then suddenly he is hit with an insight! I like turtles!

And if I was going to have a God, I'd choose Thor. He had a cool hammer.

Yup, that's my brain in action at its best...

Sorry, back to the serious discussion at hand of why all those idiots out there don't realize how absolutely wonderful each of our own constructed little worlds are for us.

Seriously there are lots of very sincere folk on all sides. I just make the same recommendation. Get out and try different things.

Or don't.

And don't forget your towel.

And remember -- we'll all be dead 100 years from now so kiss your kids, hug your friends, and get on with life.

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