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Re: How to defeat a samurai.

One winter when Bankei was preaching during a retreat at the Sanyu-ji in Bizen province, laity and priests from Bizen and Bitchu assembled in great numbers to hear him. At a place called Niwase, in Bitchu, there was a large temple of the Nichiren sect, whose head priest was a learned cleric deeply venerated by his congregation. By that time, Bankei’s name was already known far and wide, and his teaching inspired great respect, so the Nichiren priest’s followers all came to attend the meetings. Resenting this, the priest told them, “I’ve heard that Bankei isn’t really enlightened. If I went there, I could give him a question I know he couldn’t answer. I could stop him with a single word.”
So saying he showed up at one of the meetings. Standing at the rear of the assembly, in the middle of Bankei’s talk he said in a loud voice, “The people here all listen to your talk and believe what you tell them. But someone like myself could never be expected to agree with the essential idea of your teaching. How can you save me when I don’t accept your teaching?”
Bankei raised up his fan and said, “Would you move forward here a little?”
The priest moved forward.
“Please come forward a bit more,” said Bankei.
The priest advanced again.
“Look how well you accept it!” said Bankei.
The priest withdrew stupidly without saying another word.

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