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Let no person forget that you are trying to sell a book. Let no person forget why you are trying to make the case that O Sensei did not teach after the war. You want to claim that the only real AIKI Aikido occurred before the war. That is not what O Sensei himself said. He said Aikido became something new after the war. That is not what students of his report that he said. Numerous students.
Mr. McGrew,

Please address me as Mr. Murray until such time as you actually understand what my claims are. Up to this point, you have been completely,utterly, and entirely wrong in your deductions of them. Also, please do not denigrate my abilities until you have a complete understanding of what they are. I would ask that you address the subject and issues provided rather than the character of the person posting.

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So though I don't want to bother to check on the actual sources in Aiki News that you draw upon,
So much for you addressing the subject and the issues ...