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Ken McGrew
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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

There must be a video, somewhere, that is a good representative of the application to Aikido of what is being described. Even if those with the secret don't think we can see it, they could humor us if they had confidence in their claims. They could point to specific screen shots and sections of the video to highlight what it is they think they see. If you point to O Sensei do not merely point to the grounding displays. I want to see the application to attack situations. I'm sure the responses will take the form of you can't see it and why should we prove anything to you... but you are already trying to prove something to me and the majority of Aikido practitioners who still believe in the "modern" Aikido notion of Aiki. That's why you are posting. Unless it is merely to create a buzz to support seminars and books.

By the way, does Harden teach the secret to breaking the bundle of arrows under the arm? Do IS people claims that display was the result of the same skill they want to call Aiki?