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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

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You can find it "interesting" all you want. The research is there to prove that fact. Yes, fact.

"later on" in Ueshiba's life:

1. There was no exhaustive, extensive training with Ueshiba later on in his life.
2. The students didn't get a whole lot of hands on time with Ueshiba. NOTE: This does *NOT* mean that they didn't get hands on time, didn't learn from him, or didn't train with Ueshiba. It means that the myths of having extensive training are wrong. I'm certain that all of them wished they had much more time with Ueshiba than they actually got.
3. The training schedule of both Iwama and Tokyo are out there. Look them up and let us know just how long Ueshiba actually taught each day.
4. Ueshiba had a very busy training schedule and he also had many visitors. Look it up. Where was he and when and for how long? What happened when visitors came?
5. Kisshomaru, Tohei, and other seniors taught most of the classes. Kisshomaru taught most of the "private" classes. Tohei taught a lot of students.
6. A lot of students went outside of hombu to learn. Dig into it and find where some of them went and then come back here and let us know what you've found.
7. Ueshiba trained a lot. He was probably obsessive/compulsive about it. But, he did not teach a lot.

I find it amazing that people would not do the actual research and understand a bit better before they think they are "experts" on him.

For the rest, please do not take this as detracting from the students of Ueshiba. A lot were young and eager to learn. They wanted to learn. They had felt Ueshiba at some point and wanted what he had. Some of them did everything they could to learn or "steal" the secret, even going outside aikido or going to private dojos or going to pre-war students. Their dedication and desire to learn is never in question.
1) I disagree. Those who didn't get that say that.

2) I know of no myths of people saying they had long extensive training periods with Ueshiba. I do know mentioned in this forum a number of times the myth that he was a virtual figurehead doing not much teaching at all.

3) He taught wherever he was. He wouldn't therefore be on a schedule sheet would he.
4) So he's so busy training and hosting that he does no teaching? When you are the capo de capo and have teachers teaching for you then you are supervising many things including those teachers. Including personal training, research and developement etc.etc. Always teaching.

5) All teachers taught. A heirarchy developed. People assigned different tasks. So what? That doesn't equal so he was sitting on his backside somewhere twiddling his thumbs.

6) Why? What's a lot of students? How many didn't go elsewhere? How many were actually sent for various reasons? What's your point?

7) He never stopped teaching. It's not in his make up.