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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Dan. You mention someone doing power displays and that you do these things and that his isn't aiki. That sounds like you do 'power' displays also then. Aiki wise. Does he say yours is Aiki and if so what does he call his?

The demos you describe show what? Effectiveness of your aiki? (I assume so) However I don't see it as significant or unusual myself. Maybe 'out there' it is.

For instance, lifting someone up back to their feet from kokyu dosa. When you say power display equalling collision of forces are you implying you havn't met anyone who can do that without such?

Sword tricks. Are you saying you havn't met anyone who can cut through your sword held as you describe?

I think these are areas that you have expressed your understanding of here on Aikiweb, especially sword and bokken. With that background these seem to be questions that best could have been ask in person while Dan Harden was in London recently. You could have had your answers first hand so to speak.