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How to defeat a samurai.

Once, after Bankei had given a talk at the Korin-ji, a samurai proud of his skill in the fighting arts approached him for an interview.

"I trained for many years in the art of dueling," he said. "Once I had it mastered, my arms moved in perfect accord with my mind. Now, if I face an opponent, my blade will split his skull before his weapon even moves. It's just like you possessing the Dharma eye."

"You say you have perfected your skill in your art," Bankei said. "Try to strike me!"

The samurai hesitated for an instant.

"My blow has already fallen," said Bankei.

The man's jaw sagged. "I'm astonished," he sighed. "Your stroke is swifter than the spark off a flint. My head rolls at my feet. Please, master, teach me the essentials of Zen."

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