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I can't remember when I've enjoyed a discussion so much. The passion, the deep emotions. Good for all of us.

However, my wife just handed me a list that includes rewiring the back porch, digging the fall garden and painting the kitchen. Yes Dear, I'll be glad to.

I like women and to be compared to the KKK or David Duke, to be called a mysogonist and describerd by words like 'hate' or 'bigot' is really unworthy of those who did so. I really expect more from Aikidoka. It really is about being comfortable with the person who you are and the decisions you make. A strong man listens and nods or shrugs. To be attacked by an 'aikidoka' over some decision made hundreds of miles away by someone you don't know concerning people you will never meet, well I admire your youthful zeal and salute it. Just don't ever make the mistake of calling me a racist or bigot or such to my face. But then you wouldn't would you?

Once you wake up and realize that forty years of martial training is done and over and that there are many fewer days ahead than behind you just don't want to waste your time. I like to train people with master's degrees because they usually do very well. They have demonstrated that they know how to set a goal and that they have the perserverance to maintain the course. If I had to beg and advertise to keep the doors open I might choose a different tack but I don't.

I train men because I disagree with a lot that has been said about the benefit of taining with women. Lets save that for another string when I get my chores done. All my students go to seminars and train with women. I teach seminars and women come and thats fine. For day to day, well, it is my choice how I want to spend my old age.

I really admire you all for your impassioned response both for and against my position. But of course, regardless, I will do what I want. I learned a long time ago that absolutes in sociology are nonsense.

I hope you all fare well.

Daniel G. Linden
Author of ON MASTERING AIKIDO (c) 2004
Founder Shoshin Aikido Dojos
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