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Re: Visiting Hawaii

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

Care to elaborate on the esoteric stuff?

marc abrams
Hi Marc,

I suppose it was typical IS/IP training, but I can be wrong, I've never seen one. What I can say it was not aikido training. We were not surprised because Chris warned me it will be special practice. Chris did great job trying to explain very many details, but my brain is so limited, I'm afraid I forgot a lot. Also his students were very kind and enthusiastic trying to help us.

We did something like typical katate ryote dori kokyu ho but standing, or more precisely walking step by step forward and backward while doing kokyu down and/or up. We did also something that resembled tenchi nage if I remember correctly and some kumi tachi with bokken. In the end it was very strange exercise from seiza also from attack katate ryote dori where nage simply raised forearms one million times without moving the elbows.

I regretted we didn't do some warm-up and rolling; we were so sour stiff and broken after 20 hours in the plane and needed it badly.


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