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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Lee Salzman wrote: View Post
Try an experiment: ....

I'm sitting in a bureau which I share with my colleague. I don't dare to follow your advice right now ...

jump as high as you can, by pushing the ground away from you, and push your head away from your feet, all at once.
We often do exactlcy what you describe during aiki taiso.
It feels more like bouncing off the earth than like jumping.

... moving ... is a pleasant side-effect, rather than the goal?
I try to move not with my feetandlegs and not with my upper body/chest but with the hara or if possible tanden. It feels as if the feet are always there where and when needed.
It's the center that goes. And for this you are right, the weight or position of the feet doesn't matter I think.

... This is not a theoretical question and applies to ground fighting all over the place.
I have an image I think. But "in outer space" there is no possibility to move along the wall, which is what I want to do on earth? Or should I try to "reach the sky" in every step? Could you elaborate a little bit?

But I dont see the contrdaction - if it was one - to my cited statement? What do I not understand?

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