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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

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If your weight is on one foot or the other, that foot will be more difficult to move.
Yes. But - other way round - it is easier to move oneself.
Hmm, is it? Try an experiment: stand upright, in a parallel stance. Now try to jump off the ground as high as you can, by lifting your feet off the ground. Now try it another way: jump as high as you can, by pushing the ground away from you, and push your head away from your feet, all at once.

So are we to move as if burdened with a sandbag weight that we plop from place to place, or are we rather movers from top to bottom, where moving away from the ground is a pleasant side-effect, rather than the goal? The answer to this question is relevant to the question of how you move in such a way that parallel or uneven stance, one-side weighted or double-weighted, etc. does not significantly effect the outcome.

Gedanken: if there were no gravity, and you were in essence in a walled room in outer space, how would you move around using the walls? This is not a theoretical question and applies to ground fighting all over the place.
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