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Re: how many back talk would you take?

thanks for the replies, guys.

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Politics, niceness, economics....when someone is standing on the mat, training, that stuff is irrelevent.

I should state that I write this as a slow older student who has been passed along the path by many others over the years, people who were progressing more quickly than I. At times I've had to reassure those students that this was FINE - we don't all progress at the same rate and I never felt "passed over" inappropriately.
I think Sensei is mostly thinking about niceness and economics..

my friends also passed along before me and I have no problem with that mainly because they are not closely related to me. but I think X is different. the people who'll advance before him are his own children. more importantly, he has always been a teacher. nevermind failing a test, he's not even used to being a student. he actually told me that when I was training under him. although he also said that he is trying to overcome his ego as a teacher, but it's hard to let go of decades of mindset in a short time...

Hanna Björk wrote: View Post
That won't work, will it. Can you tell your teacher that, in a polite manner?

The rest IMHO isn't your problem.
I care because I love training in this Dojo, and as I said before, I feel indebted to him so I'm concerned about him.

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
If he doesn't want an unqualified brown belt on the mat, then he shouldn't award the brown belt.

The face-saving way to avoid doing so would be to tell the student privately, but bluntly, that he is not ready to test. With, perhaps, a list of specific things to work on. That's the way it is handled in most dojos.

The more embarrassing way is to allow the student to test, and fail him. But that's still less embarrassing than allowing an unqualified student to represent the dojo.

Think, for a moment, about the effect of promoting this person. Do you think it will improve his attitude, or worsen it?

thanks Katherine, maybe I need to suggest something like this to Sensei...

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
I also don't understand, if the instructor can't teach it to this student, why does he think a 1st kyu can?
I think it's not that he can't teach him, he just doesn't have the time to do so. Sensei lives quite far from us while I live in town..
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