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Kathryn Cole (Kat.C) wrote:
So Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders, Linx, Beavers, Scouts and all the ones I missed are comparable to The David Dukes of this world? Do you think groups like these are wrong?
Well yes, they are the same in that they participate in discrimination. And yes, I think that they are wrong in that aspect of their activities. I also note that are a number of co-ed boy scout (and other) groups now.
Kathryn Cole (Kat.C) wrote:
Do you think as long as a requirement can be met by anyone that it is okay? In that case one could go out and have a sex change.
Generally speaking, yes. Put it this way - do you think that discriminating on the basis of skin color would be ok even though it's possible to change the color of your skin through medical procedures?
Kathryn Cole (Kat.C) wrote:
Okay I'm going to try to explain why I feel it is very different. So far as I know the colour of ones skin doesn't contribute to the thought process or any such thing. In the case of men and women there have been studies done showing the different ways our brains work. I don't believe skin colour does that, my thought paths certainly don't change when I get a tan. Well I'm not really satisfied with how I've explained what I mean but I hope it's relatively clear.
Historically, women have fought hard to break away from the "biology is destiny" argument that locked them in the kitchen and out of math and science classes (among other things). I always find it kind of sad that many women now bring up essentially the same argument to bolster their own arguments. No offence intended, of course.



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