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Edward Karaa (Edward) wrote:
It's so surprising for me to see the extent of reactions to Mr. Linden's posts. I think things have been too exagerated. I really respect Kat.C position as a mature open-minded adult.
Thanks Edward, I was beginning to feel like a social pariah!
I don't like the self-righteousness of some posts at all. The good thing about aikido is its versatility and and the availability of so many different styles and principles. I personally feel that Mr. Linden's dojo is quite interesting. If there was one like that in my area, I would definitely practice there from time to time (if I was accepted, that is ), but I will not drop the mixed dojos neither. Both present certain benefits, and it's good to be able to do both.
Well said.

I know my husband would enjoy being able to train at such a dojo as well as our regular one too.


I find the aquisition of knowledge to be relatively easy, it is the application that is so difficult.
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