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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
Hard to be convinced if one refuses to step on the mat with the man. Just saying...

FWIW, Saotome Sensei lives in the US and teaches seminars frequently. If one wishes to ask a question -- especially if one has already discussed a topic with him at length -- it's just not that hard to find an opportunity.

I am convinced that Dan is good at what he does, whatever "it" is. I have no doubt about that, in all seriousness. I never said I did.

Do I not describe it correctly?

If there is no way to test bold claims except to feel what he does, why make the claims in a forum? Frankly, if what he claims is true it can be proven with logic. Feeling him do something impressive does not prove all the things that have been claimed. It doesn't even prove that he is great for the reasons he thinks he's great. I don't believe that O Sensei was possessed by a deity. I don't think that was the direct source of his take musu Aiki. Training with him directly would not have convinced me either. He could come closer to convincing me with logic.