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Christopher Li (Chris Li) wrote:
Well, if you created a formal girls only organization then I would say yes, the reasoning is similar. You're creating an exclusive club whose membership is based on a genetic (and generally speaking, immutable) characteristic. Now, I venture to say that your intent in forming the group and the result of its activities would probably not be as destructive as David Duke's are, but it's still gender based discrimination. Now, contrast that with, for example, the requirement for a master's degree. I may not have one, but I could go out and get one if I had sufficient motivation. There's a world of difference there.
So Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders, Linx, Beavers, Scouts and all the ones I missed are comparable to The David Dukes of this world? Do you think groups like these are wrong?

Do you think as long as a requirement can be met by anyone that it is okay? In that case one could go out and have a sex change.
Suppose I said that I had a desire to have "white only" times? Would that be different then "girl only" times? If so, then why?
Okay I'm going to try to explain why I feel it is very different. So far as I know the colour of ones skin doesn't contribute to the thought process or any such thing. In the case of men and women there have been studies done showing the different ways our brains work. I don't believe skin colour does that, my thought paths certainly don't change when I get a tan. Well I'm not really satisfied with how I've explained what I mean but I hope it's relatively clear.


I wasn't advocating any kind of legal challenge - as I said in my post,"I also feel that he ought to be able to form an exclusive training group if that's what he really wants", but you probably know as well as I do that in the US these things often come around anyway, like it or not.


I know you weren't advocating legal action, sorry about that, I don't seem to be wording things too well. And yes I know how it is in the States with things like this.

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