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Lee Salzman
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Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
Initially it was to make sure I understood what the claims being made were. They seemed so outlandish and I didn't want to falsely accuse.

Next it was to test whether the claims being made are well supported and ultimately convincing. They go against everything I've read and been told by Budo women as well as Budo men. I have given them the respect of serious consideration.

All the personal attacks eventually forced me to demonstrate that I wasn't just making things up as was and continues to be implied or stated.

It's a discussion forum. If people don't want to discuss then why are they here?
We're here to exchange possibilities, opportunities for future growth and direction. I don't think any of us is going to be convinced about a way of expressing the body that is described in... text... on a screen. The best we can settle for is that we collected those seeds of ideas in our brains for potential exploration, and maybe even planted some seeds of ideas in other peoples' minds, and hopefully earned some friends in the process. But ultimately we have to pursue those ideas and those friendships offline, or it is nothing more than words.

So that is what I would encourage to you. I know you say you have encountered people of Dan's flavor, but next time I would encourage you to strike up a critical, but respectful dialog with them about your concerns. Not just watch them, but discuss, and allow them to demonstrate, and allow yourself to demonstrate, what can not be explained merely in text. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised by the results, really, honestly, sincerely. I think that's the most any of us can ask of you at this point. Whether or not this caricature of a debate this thread has become has swayed your emotions one way or another, I just please ask of you that much.