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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Actually, quite the opposite. Mr. McGrew is doing a good job of tainting the reputation of the ASU. Had I done something like this, I know of quite a few seniors in at least two organizations I belonged to who would have walloped me up side the head (deservedly so) and told me to cut that sh*t out. If I was clueless, things would have been explained, in careful detail, just how badly I was acting. Had I continued, I would have been unceremoniously removed from the organizations.

While we might joke at practice, smile, have fun, we still take budo very seriously. And lackadaisically arguing with experienced budo men (Ellis Amdur, Chris Li, etc) because you've read books, articles, watched videos and asked some questions is, at the least, very presumptuous. I can only hope that some seniors in the ASU are sitting down with Mr. McGrew and explaining how a "good budo man" should conduct himself.

Internal strength need not take into consideration potential judgments or other consequences. He doesn't *have to* "blend."