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Ken McGrew
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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Dan, I have been responding to a range of people who claim to understand your views and approach. And also responding to what you have written. If I remembered something one of your supporters said as if you had said it I am sorry. I would never deliberately attribute statements to someone that they do not hold. Having said that, you don't point of specifics. I quoted you at length and did not change the quotes in any manner. I do not believe that I have misquoted you or misrepresented what it is you do or believe, though it was not easy to sort out these things given the lack of clarity. I have become a student of every word you and your supporters have ever written on the subjects at hand.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Dan says this ......
Dan says that......

Mr McGrew
You are purposefully misquoting me to represent views I do not hold, and statements about arts I do not agree with.
This is dishonest. While not a violation here it is in incredibly poor taste.
May I ask...Are you a young man?

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