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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
Define aiki as Dan defines it.
It seems to be defined as grounding and breaking internal balance.
Where then is the aiki in sword?

Are you claiming that Saotome Sensei one Ikeda Sensei have trained with Dan much less that they are following him? Ikeda Sensei has been inspired by Ushiro Sensei, who Dan thinks little of, and Saotome Sensei is focussed primarilly on transmitting what he learned from O'Sensei to his students.
Read Ellis's post about how he connected through his weapon through the other person's weapon to the aite's center and was able to move him in any direction he wanted. This is apparently similar to the Kuroda video from Mind Body and Kickass moves with respect to the opponents movment.

Now I won't comment if this is internal or not, but the following video shows the opponent getting knocked off line via a shinai.