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Kathryn Cole (Kat.C) wrote:

I hope it didn't seem that all my comments were directed to you, they really weren't. And I know you phrased your KKK comment as a question but it seemed to me as if you were implying a similarity between that organization and Mr. Linden's club. And I really wasn't trying to critisize you for asking questions I just thought that your comparison was a bit extreme. A desire to do things without women isn't the same as hatred of another race.
No it isn't, although I note that the argument he uses is very similar to that used by people like David Duke - not anti-black, just "pro-white".

Personally, I don't miss segregation by sex and don't particularly feel that it ought to be encouraged. OTOH, I also feel that he ought to be able to form an exclusive training group if that's what he really wants. I would think that he might be on shakey ground legally if it were ever challenged, but I suppose that's another thread .



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