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Ken McGrew
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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

I have repeatedly stated that internal work is good. I have repeatedly stated that what Dan does may be very good and may be useful at times to Aikido. I have repeatedly stated that one should generally connect with the center. I have merely argued, technically speaking, that there are other sides to Aikido. It is Dan, yourself, and others who have said these other sides are merely tricks. I am not the one being orthodox.

I have opposed the claims about the origins of Aikido and the claims that Aikido teachers since O Sensei were not doing real Aiki. Here there can be no multiple truths.

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You do realize that your frequent appeals to those authorities are the very definition of orthodoxy, right?

I would also suggest that advanced practitioners -- in any art -- can often do things that would be monumentally stupid for less advanced practitioners to even attempt. That's why teaching progressions exist.