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Ken McGrew
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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

I don't want to let you distract from the point here.

Dan has accused me of misrepresenting the teachings of Saotome Sensei. He says that senior students of Saotome Sensei who are training with him this weekend don't recognize Saotome Sensei in the things I've stated in this discussion. My quotes of Saotome Sensei demonstrate conclusively that my positions were taken directly from him. So which is true? Did these senior students say what Dan says they said? If so, did they fail to understand the teachings of Saotome Sensei, or did Dan misrepresent what was said?

Dan's accusation against me is the greatest insult. I have not and would not misrepresent Sensei's teachings.

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
Familiar as you are with Saotome Sensei's teaching, surely you are well aware that he has no problem with those students of his who choose to study other arts as well? That senior instructors in his organization openly invite instructors from other arts to teach at their dojos, with no organizational consequences? That in fact instructors who have done so remain extremely respected within the ASU?

So why are you misrepresenting *his* position on outside influences?

As for the rest of the post, it is very easy to win an argument when you take both sides. You are taking message board posts out of the context of what Dan actually teaches -- of which you remain proudly ignorant -- using them to define a straw man, and then walloping that straw man for all it's worth. Meanwhile, you have resolutely ignored every attempt to actually discuss the merits of your argument, retreating again and again to an appeal to an authority (Saotome Sensei) who as far as I can tell does not actually support your position.