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Daniel Rozenbaum (DanielR) wrote:

It was a question, not a statement, although it was asked to express a certain point. We're having a discussion, and I think it is normal to ask questions, giving the opponent the chance to explain his/her position and, if possible, prove me wrong.

In my opinion, the degrading part wasn't the fact of segregation but the way in which it was presented and argumented.

I readily concede that my comment about gathering all "those" in Mr. Linden's dojo was inapropriate and basically used the same sort of logic. However, I still maintain that some notions in Mr. Linden's responses were beyond "a place for men to socialize and relax". If you choose to ignore them, that's your choice.

I wasn't trying to show that Mr. Linden is a racist. I was asking a question whether the same type of logic can be applied in this case. Mr. Linden replied that he has representatives of different ethnic groups in his dojo - good for him. That's not the point. Also, I don't see how the analogy with a certain Sensei choosing students for a practice works here. This seems to be a professional decision based solely on one's abilities in Aikido. If it happens to be that this Sensei also chooses not to invite women to these sessions - that changes the situation completely.

I hope it didn't seem that all my comments were directed to you, they really weren't. And I know you phrased your KKK comment as a question but it seemed to me as if you were implying a similarity between that organization and Mr. Linden's club. And I really wasn't trying to critisize you for asking questions I just thought that your comparison was a bit extreme. A desire to do things without women isn't the same as hatred of another race.


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