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Daniel Linden (DGLinden) wrote:
I still believe in personal freedom and in a man's choice to make his own decision about what concerns him.
Sure you do. But you chose to enumerate your reasons in a public forum, and you chose to enumerate those reasons in such a way that it was clear you have bigoted views about women and gays.

Since it was your choice to do these things, then you should not be surprised that some people will quesion you.
Sort of like O'Sensei. Do you folks really believe that he would train just anyone who walked up and said "here's my money, gimme aikido!"?
I dunno, but all I read about the man suggests that he'd have sounder reasons for excluding women beyond "women whine constantly and I imagine myself like John Wayne."
Or Mitsugi Saotome Shihan. He sends out personal invitations to his top 20 instructors each year and all head down to Sarasota and train at the Shihan taining facility. Simply put, if you are not invited - dont come. It is Sensei's choice who he wants on his mat. He has the freedom to choose.
Does he exclude women?
I am what is known as a man's man. It is kind of an archaic term, usually associated with John Wayne and the like who believe that things like honor and friendship and trust and loyalty are more important than paying lip service to whatever is currently popular.
I take exception to the characterization that "honor and friendship" and the female sex are somehow mutually exlusive. Not that you care, of course ... after all I am just a woman.
I like women. I just don't like training them. They constantly whine about one thing or another
and if they're cute then the guys are like a pack of dogs. I have had too many occasions when a wife stared to cry because her husband did something because... something happened at home last night. I have had too many couples walk out not speaking to each other. I have had too damn many guy posturing over some woman on the mat who did a nikkyo pin too long with some other guy.
So you had discipline problems, and so you chose to blame it entirely on the women. I see.

Your choice, your happiness. But as long as you post in public forums your "man's man" reasoning, your choice is fair game for criticism. And I don't care about the choice itself ... it's the reasoning that I find abhorrant.
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