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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

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Who cares if Saotome dropped a "karate expert." Did he teach you to do it? Or what I'm increasingly thinking, what's wrong with you as a student if your teacher manifests something and you can't learn it? All this talk about Osensei being a lousy teacher. Really? How about lousy students? Who then only have refuge in talking about the wonderful things their teacher can do.
Good questions, but you do have a teacher to teach you, right? It takes two to tango, the student might not be able to pickup what the teacher is telling, but also the teacher may not be able to bring across his point (efficiently). Today is the age of consumers: many simply want to be told what is what and how it is done. Quite contraire to the old days where you learnt by working hard....
Less talk, work harder.

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