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Deb Fisher wrote:
Why is your dojo any different from a country club that won't admit black people or Jews? Why is exclusivity as you define it worth preserving?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry... this explication as comical as it is repulsive. I guess I can only thank my lucky stars that this romantic, furtive world, with its Byzantine structure of Places For Men and Hiding From Women has never reared its ugly, frightened little head on any of the hunting trips or skinny dippin' sessions I cherished as a youth. Ozzie and Harriet meets Robert Bly...

truly sublime, truly unreal.

If you ever decide that shutting out slightly over half of the population (even periodically) is an incomplete, unenlightened way to live, feel free to join the rest of us out here in the real world. Most people think of women as actual human beings with very diverse capabilities and ranges of experience these days.
Deb, I'm just curious as to why it bothers you so much that Mr.Linden and his dojo members want to enjoy some time without women.

Men and women really are different which is good. But it also means that we can find the other sex aggravating. Of course there have been occasions when I've enjoyed hanging out with just the guys, it is a completely different experience and one I truly enjoy whenever I get the chance.

For quite a few years my father was a member of the Kinsmen and my mother a member of the Kinettes, do groups such as these bother you as well, I mean its basically the same as Mr. Lindens club. I don't think that groups like these or retreats that cater to women or to men are organised out of fear of the opposite sex, just as a break form them.


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