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Re: Dan Harden in San Francisco Nov 12-13th, 2011

First, the huge THANK YOUs:
To Dan, for being Dan
To Gerardo and Natasha, for suggesting he visit northern Calif and generally paving the way
To Rick and the folks at ADV, for being willing to host so graciously on such short notice
To all the others who attended, for training with open hearts

Second, in the spirit of the Aikido Wag of the East Coast....a review from a confused newbie....

So, I guess I got my locations mixed up; I thought it was the Popkin Bar Mitzvah, but when I showed up, they said "No, its a Dan seminar." I said "Well, too bad, I"m just a brown belt." They told me to shut up and train.
There was a guy talking something about Japanese arts and about bows, so I thought it was a class on that cool gift wrapping thing they do. They told me no, it has a martial application, so I thought "Cool! Never did kyudo before." But they never brought out a target, just a whiteboard that kept falling down so I guess he was demonstrating no-touch throws. Finally he got his ki under control and started drawing circles and arrows.
I started to get nervous about missing the Popkin Bar Mitzvah but they said to shut up and train, here push this guy. So I pushed him and he stood there. So I pushed him harder and he stood there but I didn't feel like I was pushing him. So I got all Brooklyn on him and pushed really hard with a lot of attitude and then I wasn't pushing anymore because I was moving up, down and around like it was a carnival ride.
I've got a whole lot of notes about stuff I'm supposed to practice, which I guess I have time to work on since I don't have to write a note saying Thank You for inviting me to the Popkin Bar Mitzvah.

Janet Rosen
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