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Re: Visiting Hawaii

Its good to change sometimes North to Hawaii

Back home now with tons of pix and video. Definitely Kauai is the most beautiful island I've ever seen. Some folks here do camping for 5 $ per night! (fresh water and electricity included) You can buy from locals the fruits, depending of the season (apple bananas, mango and papayas...i.e. 3 items for 2$, super fresh and aromatic ooouuhhhhh, the best we've ever eaten...) No mosquito or other fierce beasts.

We did some hiking, this time almost only easy trails. Waimea canyon is a breath taking! There are some wild beaches, spectacular and ....empty. No tourists, you can have one only for you...why all this ppl go to extra crowded Waikiki??? Mystery....

And I agree, travel is killing, but well,I suspect there is no other way to enter into the Paradise...


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