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George Ledyard ends the blog post thus:

"I think that in terms of pure accessibility Dan Harden and Mike Sigman may be the best to connect with in the sense that each has his own system, neither is beholden to anyone and can teach whatever and whomever he wishes, both are native English speakers and are extremely accomplished at offering systematic explanation of complex principles."

"This is a very simplistic synopsis. Each of these teachers offers enough to keep any serious Aikido student busy for years. Each teaches things that are either absent from most Aikido or at least are not taught in any systematic form. The exposure to these teachers and systems is transforming Aikido in a positive manner and I eagerly await the time in a few more years when this exposure has had time to turn into something really deep."

If you have some problems with the things you are reading in this thread, then please take them up with the above-named rokudan in your own ASU, because he is saying the same things.

I have a feeling you won't be so quick to sling a retort like "Debate over" at George Ledyard.

Then get back us on Aikiweb and we will pick this discussion up from there.

This really gets to the heart of the matter doesn't it. I really don't have time to debate every tom, dick and harry on the internet. Why should I ? The shear volume and background of the teachers who consider this work transformative to their Aikido....should speak volumes to a lessor student of the same art.
Why it doesn't speak to them is the key issue. I suspect the lack of cognative reasoning is due to an agenda. That explains why the thread reads like you are all talking to a wall.

For my part I have never seen my name attached to so many views and opinions that I do not hold and do not recognize. It's pure nonsense. I thought to address it, but after skimming through last night, quickly realized that my ACTUAL opinions wouldn't matter at all.
Oddly enough, here I am in another Aikido dojo, making friends, laughing my butt off, and they.....are reading this guys opinions...and laughing their butts off at dinner. They are ASU, they train with Ikeda and they want me back in the spring. No one recognizes any validity in this fellow's words.
I will continue to dialogue with those interested in truth, over agenda.

Since I have been traveling, I wish to thank Kathryn, Greg, Mark, and the rest of you for at least trying to explain things to this guy. In the end the truth will out, it always does.
All the best

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