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Re: When is Aikido a Non-Aikido martial art?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Yannis,
I think you are incorrect when you state that weapons, iaido/batto ho , kokyu etc , meditation techniques have been [in your opinion] neglected.Perhaps this is the case in some places?I can assure you that we here in the U.K ,
continue the study of such disciplines .Of course not everyone in our group wants to practice these [its not mandatory-personal choice ] but we do have many students who indeed do so .I rarely do Za Zen since my knees are a bit rusty.Cheers, Joe.
Dear Yannis,
I apologise for my comments.I reread the thread and noticed I had given you the same answer/info before.Thanks, Joe.
Regarding whether we are doing O Senseis Aikido .The answer hhas to be no.Each of us can only do our OWN aikido.Since we are each unique individuals it stands to reason we cannot have the identical physical/mental/spiritual make up.We are not clones of anybody.So why be a clone of any teacher?As long as we try and utilise the elements inherent in Aikido to the best of our ability, each person should gain from Aikido training.For me personally I prefer to train in BIG aikido.So much more rewarding than simply spending time in a dojo.
Cheers, Joe
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