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Re: When is Aikido a Non-Aikido martial art?

Ken, it's clear that Dan's gotten up your nose, but would you drop it? Screw Dan. Who's he? Some nobody with a low-level degree in Aikido and a bunch of opinions.

You don't have a problem with Dan. You have a problem with all the Aikidoka, some very senior, some less so, who have taken up what Dan has to offer and made it a problem in the Aikido world. If it weren't for us he'd still be a voice crying in the wilderness.

He's a tar baby. Everyone who's taken a swing at him ends up not only stuck hard, but getting tar on everybody around them. Very annoying to those who wish to keep their hakama clean, I understand that.

Keep clear of him--and the rest of us with tar on our gis--or engage, and risk the tar. Battle at a distance is not likely to get you anywhere.

[Posting under the influence of Sam Adam's Double Bock today. Highly recommended as a cure for bland and information-heavy posts.]
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