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Kathryn Cole (Kat.C) wrote:
I really can't believe that Mr.Linden is being compared to the KKK.
It was a question, not a statement, although it was asked to express a certain point. We're having a discussion, and I think it is normal to ask questions, giving the opponent the chance to explain his/her position and, if possible, prove me wrong.
Why is it some women feel that they have to do everything with men, that if the men wish to have a male only club of any sort that it is degrading to women?
In my opinion, the degrading part wasn't the fact of segregation but the way in which it was presented and argumented.
...for that some of you condemn him, consider him as loathsome as the KKK, or ban him from your own dojo? Don't you think that is a bit much?
I readily concede that my comment about gathering all "those" in Mr. Linden's dojo was inapropriate and basically used the same sort of logic. However, I still maintain that some notions in Mr. Linden's responses were beyond "a place for men to socialize and relax". If you choose to ignore them, that's your choice.

I wasn't trying to show that Mr. Linden is a racist. I was asking a question whether the same type of logic can be applied in this case. Mr. Linden replied that he has representatives of different ethnic groups in his dojo - good for him. That's not the point. Also, I don't see how the analogy with a certain Sensei choosing students for a practice works here. This seems to be a professional decision based solely on one's abilities in Aikido. If it happens to be that this Sensei also chooses not to invite women to these sessions - that changes the situation completely.

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