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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

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What you describe here has the resulting appearance of what a close friend of mine, who is Aiki-jujitsu in a lineage associated with the parties here, accomplishes. The punch to the face curves, the soft bush continues the curve, bringing uke to a point of destabilization, the individual's center outside of their be finished with a easy drop on nage part....maybe covered by an elbow strike. All this takes secondary pressure, push from behind, soft grip, transfer of momentum, weight drop, up and down spirals, use of the lower body, no tension in the upper body, proper rotation from the center (not hips first) and such....much of what is not clearly visible.....all of these things are not exclusive to Saotome Sensei or to the kind of Aikido you are trying to reach.

Just saying

Where's the video footage? Maybe I don't do justice to what I'm describing. Uke was four feet off the ground and completely verticle. O Sensei watched Saotome Sensei every morning for seven years as he tried to get this technique, in an effort to help him find it. Exclusive to Saotome, no - he says anyone can do what he does - but specific to Aikido yes. Daito-ryu does not do this. The things that O Sensei did that amazed everyone were these sort of things.

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