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Re: Jeez, lighten up! But keep weight underside

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I am responding to their posts over the years and also in this discusion.

I am not responding to their training as it is secretive I have not seen it directly.

Please just describe what they are doing and how it is different than Aikido and contains what they claim is lacking even in original students of O'Sensei.
Secretive? Well, as secretive as any seminar advertised a year in advance can be, I guess. ( And the various ASU instructors who have studied with Dan are even less secretive than that.

I'm not going to wade into the swamp of evaluating any particular teacher's aikido. As noted up-thread, that's not really the issue anyway. The question is whether or not these particular skills are being passed down to the rest of us.

How is it "different than aikido?" Again, Dan is teaching skills, not waza, not aikido or any other martial art.