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Interesting. I wasn't sure that anyone would understand all that I said. It is probably a lot like teaching a white belt, a shodan or a sandan. The truth is that each person hears what he wants and responds to what pushes his button.

This is about choice. About self awareness and self knowledge. About choosing to preserve something that is rapidly going by the way. And about personal happiness. C'mon women, it's only for a few hours a week. Let my people go. But seriously...

I have a number of Jewish students. I have Russians, Syrians, Irish, Catholic, Japanese, Protestant, white, black and Hindu. And you know the funny thing? They all have the ability to go train at any of the 6 or 7 other dojos in Orlando but they choose to come here. According to what has been posted, well, lets see:

I read the word bigot. I read mysoginist. I read bitter. I read angry. I read a lot of things from a lot of people who clearly are not in my peer group and who really cannot judge me. Nor should they try.

What it comes down to my friends is pesonal freedom. You join an aikido dojo for lot of reasons. When someone wants to come here we start with an interview. He has the choice to participate or not. I have the choice to invite him to watch a class. We both, then have the choice to decide if we want to train together. Sometimes we don't agree and as it is my dojo, I always win these disagreements. That is as it should be.

I still believe in personal freedom and in a man's choice to make his own decision about what concerns him. Sort of like O'Sensei. Do you folks really believe that he would train just anyone who walked up and said "here's my money, gimme aikido!"?

Or Mitsugi Saotome Shihan. He sends out personal invitations to his top 20 instructors each year and all head down to Sarasota and train at the Shihan taining facility. Simply put, if you are not invited - dont come. It is Sensei's choice who he wants on his mat. He has the freedom to choose.

All the angry women in this world can train in every other aikido dojo, anywhere. The non-angry ones too. As was asked by someone, why would you want to? We train hard here and it not about love. Did I mention that I have a waiting list to join this dojo? Those people are exercising their right to express personal freedom. Just like I did in my last post.

Perhaps 'they' will all end up here. Good for you , good for me. I'm sorry I made some of you so angry or that you seemed to be hurt by my desire to associate with whomever I chose to the exclusion of an entire gender, but that is my right. I earned it.

I am what is known as a man's man. It is kind of an archaic term, usually associated with John Wayne and the like who believe that things like honor and friendship and trust and loyalty are more important than paying lip service to whatever is currently popular. And I understand that there are some who do not feel comfortable with ideas like that. I hope 'They' will all stay and train at your dojo. It is why I train in aikido, a place where personal freedom and personal expression is honored and respected.

I like women. I just don't like training them. They constantly whine about one thing or another and if they're cute then the guys are like a pack of dogs. I have had too many occasions when a wife stared to cry because her husband did something because... something happened at home last night. I have had too many couples walk out not speaking to each other. I have had too damn many guy posturing over some woman on the mat who did a nikkyo pin too long with some other guy.

I no longer have that. I have wa. There is harmony on my mat and the only thing we argue about is who will buy the beer.

Daniel G. Linden
Author of ON MASTERING AIKIDO (c) 2004
Founder Shoshin Aikido Dojos
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