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I really can't believe that Mr.Linden is being compared to the KKK. There is no similarity at all. The KKK was spawned from hate, Mr. Linden's dojo is just a place for men to get together and enjoy themselves and train. He already stated that the wives and children are expected to attend a few get togethers if possible, and that a couple female senseis have taught there and other women have visited as well, so obviously it has nothing to do with hating women. Why is it some women feel that they have to do everything with men, that if the men wish to have a male only club of any sort that it is degrading to women? My mother goes out on a regular basis with other retired teachers, and no one else is invited to go along, including their friends who still teach, is that offensive? Is it degrading to people who were never teachers? When I lived in Ottawa, some of my friends and I would get together on a regular basis for a girls night out, men be they boyfriends or husbands, were not welcome, it certainly never bothered the men, in fact they were probably happy to see us go And I really miss those evenings, and I'm not a man hater. It sounds to me as if Mr.Linden's dojo is a place for men to relax and socialize with each other, not just to train, and for that some of you condemn him, consider him as loathsome as the KKK, or ban him from your own dojo? Don't you think that is a bit much?

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