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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
... they all say that correct stance is a matter of equality as far as weight distribution to feet are concerned.
This is different from what I learned from my teacher. In "standard hanmi" there is more "weight" on the front leg than on the rear leg. And our axis is not in the middle of both legs.
And there are forms of practice in which we shift the weight between the front leg and the rear leg in different.


Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
Well, Carsten, there you have from Mark probably more detail on Heaven and Earth than you anticipated ...
Thank you Lee, Bob, Greg, Marc for your detailed explanations!
I appreciate that very much!!!
Actually this stuff is not completely new to me.

Your profound answers don't seem to match my question, which I meant much more simple. Or maybe better: More "technical".
So the sentences which where most important to me are:
I guess if "heaven and earth" in this case is implied to mean the balance of vertical forces, then it would still not be the stance that is important, ...
i still have not heard a narrow stance referred to as Heaven and Earth
Me neither. Except this one mentioned citation.
And in none of the solo forms we practice we emphasize such a narrow stance.

But also Dan is right:
Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The things he said said and wrote have a pedagogy, ...
So is there something special to be learned keeping the feet more together than usually done?


I found a video.
Here it just said, that you can move more freely from this stance, but nothing about itself.

Maybe I mix things up ...
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