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He didn't sound very bitter to me. His post about all the things he and the guys did, I can sympathize with some of. I, too, hunt, and, while sometimes my mom and sister come with us, it's usually just us guys. I see nothing wrong with women hunting, or swimming, or whatever else he listed...

He also didn't seem to be saying that he didn't like women. However, what happens to you (Ann) when someone starts accidentally getting on your nerves? Do you not wish to not be around them for a while? I'm not saying every woman gets on every man's nerves all the time, but I'd like to know why you think he's committing a crime by not letting women participate in his dojo. Like you and Opher said, it's not like he's the only one around, and he's not saying women should not do aikido.

My three cents.

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
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