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What we have here is a rather shallow attempt at diversion. Why not try to explain your alleged insights into Aikido instead of trying to draw me into a debate about unrelated historical issues?

I could point to sources that contradict your claims and to video of O'Sensei teaching wider audiences, going on TV, Etc. but don't want to let you slip away from the unanswered questions. By the way, the disrespectful way that you and your comrades speak of Kisshomaru Sensei is simply not acceptable.

Why not simply answer the questions I posed and clarify what it is you think that HD has discovered that the rest of the Aikido world forgot.? It's just not evident in the posts. As I can't see HD doing whatever it is he's doing I can only read into the description of taking balance internally. As I mentioned, there is video of Terry Dobson doing what I assume are similar things way back when. It's not new.

Aikiweb has a very good search engine. So yes, Mark, I read all the relevant posts,that the search produced. I'm an academic. I know how to read. I know how to work through search engine results.
Not a diversion, Mr. McGrew. An attempt at pointing you in the direction for research. With all due respect, you have yet to show that you have a good grasp of Aikido History, Morihei Ueshiba's history, or my posting history.

Just as an example, I have multiple posts stating that I thought highly of what Kisshomaru accomplished. The answers to your entire post #62 can be found in my previous posts. So, obviously, you have not read all the relevant posts. Your view of aikido history is skewed, at best. We are trying, earnestly, to point you in the right direction. Whether you accept that is entirely up to you.