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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The things he said said and wrote have a pedagogy, Graham It is known and discussed in DR and the Chinese arts. Trying to co- opt it into individual opinion is a disservice to him and the art.
It seems very reasonable to me to expect people to research the context of a teachers views. If you did you would find it not so open to our own individual opinions. I rarely offer my own. They are his, in context of his own research, which you can duplicate on your own. I am quite sure you would arrive at the same conclusion ...devoid of opinion.
They have a pedagogy? What does that mean?

Lot's of things discussed in chinese arts and DR. You can even learn what he learned from Takeda aiki wise. You can learn from the classics he read. There's lot's of things you can learn about O'Sensei. You can learn from what others said. Thus you wind up with your opinion.

However amount of data doesn't equal understanding. This computers full of the stuff but understands zilch.

I am quite sure I would and do arrive at a different opinion, conclusion.

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