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Opher Donchin (opherdonchin) wrote:
Daniel and Ann,

I found Daniel Linden's comments to be very interesting. I heard him saying that there were a number of places where, in earlier parts of his life, he had enjoyed male-only camraderie, and that, while it seems natural enough now that few of those places exist, he still thinks the male-only camraderie is appropriate. That doesn't sound misogynist to me ...
Really, that's not what bothered me. I too believe male-only (and female-only) camaraderie is not only appropriate, but healthy - as long as it is engaged in in a spirit of honest respect for the opposite sex.
nor can I see anything in his post indicating feelings that women should be excluded from any of the men's places where they have now gained their rightful place.
See, I did get that from his post. He made a long list of activities he used to enjoy, and implied strongly that having women there decreases his enjoyment of those same activities. I just wish he could have explained his decision without treating the concerns of women in that ... what was the word you used ... "flippant" way.

OTOH, Daniel's comment that it's better to know a person's mind up front than to hide behind political correctness, also has a lot of merit. I'm sorry Mr. Linden is bitter about women encroaching on historically male activities, but he's certainly entitled to his opinion and to run his dojo any way he wants, and the world does keep on turning.
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