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Linda Morimoto (kung fu hamster) wrote:
An interview in ATM with Yoshio Kuroiwa a few years ago relates directly to the issue of teachers and students, particularly about why it is perfectly reasonable for a teacher to NOT give away every technique to every student. I agree with Mr. Kuroiwa's reasons. I think students have to steal and make their own connections. Lazy students can continue with their thing. You get out of aikido what you put into it (more in fact if you watch and not just look).

So your point of east vs. west approach is well taken, however it is tangental to my central question.

Throughout my journey as student my perception has grown keener. My skills of perceptions are astute; rarely do I not 'get it.'

My central point is that I get more out of watching Western aikido sensei than non-westerners. Perhaps another less provocative way of phrasing my central question is:

I just wonder to what degree can the art can be separated from Japanese culture and remain Aikido.
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