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Phillip Johnson (PhilJ) wrote:
DanielR, you mention a place for "them" to group and "keep out of other dojos". To which group do you belong, and do the others "keep out"?
"They" corresponded to the previous sentence: "...people with similar approaches to women, homosexuals and undereducated...".

The "keep out" thing was probably out of line. It basically puts me on the same level as Mr. Linden's remarks. I guess as long as it's on the level of a theoretical argument, I don't mind. It's the practical application that worries me.

I'm not buying the "men-only club" thing. There was much more in Mr. Linden's comments. How is this different from, say, a KKK-based dojo? Or a neo-nazi dojo? "Jews can go train at your dojo, that's just fine".

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