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Re: Becoming an instructor

Aren't you teaching when ever you have a more junior partner? "Put your foot here, ...your hand there"...Its still teaching....until someone senior comes along to take over.

Likewise anyone with a degree of competence and confidence can run a class to the best of their ability as "the Instructor" until someone better comes along. **

Mistakes occur when junior teachers set their ideas in stone and don't take advantage of that senior person...or even worse encourage 'their' students not to take advantage of a superior resource.

There are of course, responsibilities that come with being 'The Instructor' set the tone in behaviour, take the technical lead etc and in all manner of ways are responsible for steering the dojo in a healthy direction to advance the Aikido of all present in an environment that is appropriate. Not every will agree what is appropriate or what is the right thing technically and these are heavy burdens to bear as usually the final decision resides with 'the Instructor'.

For myself - I am a student who instructs. I do not know it all and there are lots that know better than me. When they are present they get the opportunity to do so. When they are not I do the very best I can for the dojo as a whole and take Instructor responsibilities very seriously. I believe this is the right thing to do.



** legislation / organisational parameters may set measures which stipulate who may or may not teach.
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