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Re: Dan Harden in San Francisco Nov 12-13th, 2011


Forget martial arts - go into comedy

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kimchee, food of the in OOOOH GOOOOODDDD!

reminded me, one of my college house mate, a korean, whose mom whenever she came to visit, she would bring a clay jar of kimchee. he opened that thing, and my eyes watered from across the room, then the paint, on the wall behind me, peeled off. he ate it and he was crying, sweating and in lots of pain, but totally happy. i ate it once, only once, and i had to shove a freezer up my behind for days after. i think kimchee should be listed under WMD or at the very least, paint stripper or possibly for metal etching. then there was the curry pickled mango from an Indian friend which should be in the same category.

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