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You clearly know more about O'Sensei than I. If what you say is accurate, and I don't doubt that it is, then O'Sensei was just expressing a normal instructors frustration at his students either not listening, or doing their own thing. I can fully understand this. I've done that enough over the years.

However it is human nature to develop and change something to our own way of liking. I would like to think that most wise old men would understand this. If O'Sensei couldn't, and demanded that things be done his way forever then he lacked understanding of this part of human nature.
I think the key to understanding Ueshiba's frustrations - and I am beginning to believe his "giving up" at trying change them- is not an issue of an old man not liking change, but rather one of him knowing that what they were training would never produce his aiki.
And he was right.

Marks points were completely accurate. And aikido-ka would do well to pay attention to what Ueshiba said about his supposed religious beliefs. As well as saying he wasn't a religious man, he also stated that his aiki would inform religions.
We have been dealing with co-opted Ueshiba-isms, in lue of understanding what he was actually doing and saying.
So, we disagree about it being about an old man letting his art evolve. You guys haven't come up with a single thing "better" than his aiki.

Chiba nailed it when he said "What I wouldn't give to sit at that old man's feet again."

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