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Re: Overriding uke's determinism

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
Here are a couple of things from my perspective:
1. Aiki is not morality. I think equating aiki with a [good] morality leads us to make erroneous judgements about what is and is not aikido. Saying something like "uke is not doing aikido because he was to cut off nage's head" presumes that the person cutting is bad. This presumption may be wrong.
2. Harmony is subjective. We use word like harmony in aikido with the presumption that harmony as we view it is the absolute harmony. This presumption may be wrong.

Uke and nage are transitive roles within an confrontation. The assignment of morality, harmony, justice, etc. to one role over the other will break down as soon as uke becomes nage, and nage becomes uke. In henka waza the roles of uke and nage may transition a number of times. Uke and nage both should be practicing aiki; either uke is better than nage or nage is better than uke.
Hi Jon. I'm glad you make those two points.

I'm glad because my view is totally the opposite. Now, seeing that view and no doubt how many view Aikido from that view then is highlights the basic difference of view between those who don't get where I'm coming from and me wondering where they are coming from.

So what can I say but well said.

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