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Re: Overriding uke's determinism

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
IMHO, the level of skill determines the level of determinism.

To "override" (enter, blend, and redirect) our own past programed determinism or the current situational determinism presented by the uke/attacker is a direct function of our level of skill (mindfulness and physical).

No digression. Only practical application.

Ah Lynn, the way you use determinism there then I can't disagree with what you say.

So yes, from that view no digression.

Remember I qualified the meaning I was using and even emphasized it by calling it self-deteriminism.

I used the word to convey an attitude if you like. You see there is intention, there is desire, there is decision, but these are all inherent in determinism, So I'm talking about that fella is determined to hit, determined to hold and not let you go, determined to go through you. That's how I'm using the word.

Thus a person of very little skill technically can be extremely determined to knock your head off. In fact when he finds he can't, that when he tries he is the one who gets hit, only then does he realize that it alone don't work. He now get's determined to learn those skills that he doesn't currently possess.

So from that view his determinism has expanded into learning skill. So his own personal determination to improve is there, it can lessen at times, it can increase at times, but generally it's there all the time, the same, unless he gives up. So here we have skill increasing yet determinism the same, constant.

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