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Re: Overriding uke's determinism

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The kyudo folks would probably say that they strive to make the same connection. I don't study kyudo, so I'm not going to comment. The same idea is definitely present in sword and jo work, though.

I didn't say that *all* strikes manifest aiki, just that it is *possible* to use aiki principles in strikes. And that the attacker in an aikido interaction should be practicing aiki principles.

Why does there need to be a line? Ueshiba Sensei did not invent aiki, so why can't it appear in places other than the nage side of aikido waza?

I think I see what you mean now. Uke should definitely use aiki principles, and no, I don't think there should be anything that should be excluded from having aiki as an element of it. In that sense I absolutely agree with you. It can definitely appear in places other than aikido waza.

My bone of contention is that a large part of uke's role should be to simulate an attack. That is a situation of disharmony. Whether they are using internal aiki principles or not, in order to allow nage to train effectively, there needs to be some disharmony created. That's all I mean.
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